SVI Rafting All the Grand

eed7e2924d67f3d5d2d0014831360672All the Grand June 11 – June 18, 2016
$2795 + hotel ($130 per night and $12 park entrance fee
7 days, 6 nights on the river, 280 miles by powered pontoon boat, Lees Ferry to Lake Mead.



Canyoneers motorized Grand Canyon river rafting boat

This trip takes you through the entire Grand Canyon and all of its thrilling rapids. Each mile reveals new sights, side canyons, and rock formations. It’s the most convenient, most relaxing trip because there’s no need to hike into or out of the canyon at the beginning or end. Just come to Flagstaff, that’s all you need to do: we’ll take you to the river, down the river, and back to Flagstaff after the trip.

Leave your old life behind and drop into the depths of the Grand Canyon gorge, riding on the swells of the mighty Colorado River. The canyon formations, colors, and river movement are your new reality for the duration of your trip!

Your days will be exciting and relaxed as we soak up the sun and cool down in the spray of the rapids on our floats downriver towards our evening campsites. Along the way, we’ll stop to hike some of the Canyon’s most unique and beautiful geologic wonders, frolic and play in the warmer side canyon streams, view waterfalls and lush vegetation, and investigate archeological dwellings of the ancient ones.

Our guides have extensive knowledge and training in Colorado River rafting and the challenges of Grand Canyon’s arid desert environment. They’ll bring you through the rapids safely while you enjoy the ride! They also have the answers to the multitude of questions that will flood your mind as it encompasses the vast and awesome nature of your new Grand Canyon reality.